AGED Trust is a non-profit trust company that assists seniors and disabled individuals qualify for government benefits, reduce medication costs, and preserve assets.

Who can benefit from an AGED Trust?
  • Senior and / or disabled individuals
  • Nursing Home residents
  • Personal Injury recipients
  • Public Assistance applicants who may be over the prescribed income and/or asset limit necessary to qualify for govt. benefits


Advocates & Guardians for the Elderly & Disabled, Inc. (AGED) serves as Trustee for Special Needs Trusts. AGED has checks and balances to ensure the client funds and company funds are safe and protected. These safeguards include:

  • Providing transparency to our clients through online account access to view account activity, balances, and statements at any time.
  • Mailing Quarterly trust account statements to clients.
  • Using True Link Financial, Inc. for trust software and True Link Financial Advisors, LLC. for trust investments. All beneficiary assets are held by qualified securities custodians and FDIC-insured banks. True Link has been in the Special Needs industry for more than a decade and manages more than $1 Billion dollars for over 25 Pooled Trust companies throughout the United States. They are known for their True Link Visa Prepaid card which has been approved by the Social Security POMS. No employees of AGED are employed by True Link, nor do they have a financial or ownership interest in this company.
  • True Link provides trust reconciliations to AGED monthly. These reconciliations are verified with AGED internal records and funds held directly with the custodians.
  • Utilizing independent service providers for company and trust services, of which no employees of AGED have any financial or ownership interest in. These companies provide services like
    •  Accounting services for Trust Accounts
    • Accounting services for Company Accounts
    • Payroll services
    • Investment Services
    • IT Services
  • Having an independent Board of Directors consisting of 7 individuals, none of whom are employed by AGED or AGED’s independent service providers. The Board meets quarterly to review financial statements and other company business along with AGED’s Executive Director, Sr. Trust Advisor, and Accounting & Finance Manager.
  • Regularly meeting with an independent attorney firm, board-certified in both Wills, Trusts, and Estates and Elder Law, to ensure AGED is complying with everchanging statutes, laws, and regulations.
  • Requiring multiple levels of internal approval for Trust fund and Company fund transfers


AGED’S Mission:

To support the Advocacy and Guardianship needs of senior and disabled individuals within the state of Florida whose financial ability to pay for essential services are inadequate.

Additionally, AGED’s mission is to provide resources and training on senior and disability issues to the community at large. In line with this mission, AGED is a proud sponsor of local senior and disabled non-profit organizations. Click here to read more about our community support.

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Our Goal:

To assist the frail, mentally ill, developmentally disabled, abused, neglected, exploited, and abandoned individuals who are the target of the assistance funded and provided through this organization, the order of concentration will be Services, Outreach, Resources, as well as Training and Community Education.

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Our Vision:

For the unmet need of Advocacy and Guardianship services to be sufficiently funded and consistently and compassionately supported for those in need without regard to race, age, disability, religion, or available financial resources.

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Outreach Services and Resources:

AGED also provides outreach and resources using internet, direct phone calls, faxes, workshops (both conducting and attending), conventions, health fairs, and other organized events.

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Contact AGED

Phone: (407) 682-4111

Fax: (407) 682-5511

Access Your Account

To locate the main AGED trust documents select from the desired forms below

FL Public Guardianship Trust

AGED is the Administrative Trustee for the Florida Public Guardianship Pooled Special Needs Trust.

Click here for forms and additional information about this trust

Community & Hospital Guardianship Program

CHG Program

AGED's Community & Hospital Guardianship (CHG) program gets patients "unstuck" from a hospital or facility.

Learn more about CHG by visiting www.CHGProgram.org.

Florida Adaptive Sports

A program of AGED, Florida Adaptive Sports is a social sports club that helps keep disabled Floridians of all ages healthy for life by providing an outlet for friendship and activity.

Learn more about Florida Adaptive Sports by visiting www.FLAdaptiveSports.org

Guardian Peer Support & Mentor Group

The Guardian Peer Support & Mentor Group is a place for Florida’s Professional and Public Guardians, their staff, and retired Guardians to come together to share resources, discuss challenges, and uncover creative solutions to difficult issues in an effort to support one another in a challenging and unique profession.

Visit our website https://floridaguardian.com/ or join the Facebook group

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