Below is a list of AGED’s most common trust forms. While we prefer that you come in the office to discuss your trust needs, some people like to prepare their own documents, or fully review the forms before their meeting.

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These documents are available in PDF format, making it easy to download and print. If you do not have a PDF reader on your computer, you may download one here: Free Adobe Reader

The Florida Public Guardianship Pooled Special Needs Trust

AGED has been named the Administrative Trustee for the Florida Public Guardianship Pooled Special Needs Trust. Click here to access the documents for this trust.

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AGED d(4)(C) Pooled Trust Documents

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AGED Third Party Trust Documents

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AGED Discounted Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility

Important Note: AGED’s Discounted Fee Agreement is for individuals applying for/ on ICP or HCBS Medicaid and residing in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility. Assets must be less than $5,000. If assets are above $5,000 please use AGED’s d(4)(C) Pooled Trust Documents.

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AGED Group Home Documents


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FL Public Guardianship Trust

AGED is the Administrative Trustee for the Florida Public Guardianship Pooled Special Needs Trust.

Click here for forms and additional information about this trust

Community & Hospital Guardianship Program

CHG Program

AGED's Community & Hospital Guardianship (CHG) program gets patients "unstuck" from a hospital or facility.

Learn more about CHG by visiting www.CHGProgram.org.

Florida Adaptive Sports

A program of AGED, Florida Adaptive Sports is a social sports club that helps keep disabled Floridians of all ages healthy for life by providing an outlet for friendship and activity.

Learn more about Florida Adaptive Sports by visiting www.FLAdaptiveSports.org

Guardian Peer Support & Mentor Group

The Guardian Peer Support & Mentor Group is a place for Florida’s Professional and Public Guardians, their staff, and retired Guardians to come together to share resources, discuss challenges, and uncover creative solutions to difficult issues in an effort to support one another in a challenging and unique profession.

Visit our website https://floridaguardian.com/ or join the Facebook group

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