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“Looks like my mom is all set up with her new insurance, Medicaid and all associated benefits. Please pass along a big thanks to everyone at AGED that has helped with this entire process.  I have come across so many folks at AGED and every single one of them have been incredibly helpful.  I really thought this was too good to be true and it has been a godsend for my mom.  I wish I had known about this benefit a long time ago.

– Juan C., Advocate of AGED Client, 2021

“I would like to say how much I appreciate the professionalism and courtesy of your staff.  Every time we have reached out to them they have been efficient and responsive.  I am glad to be associated with AGED and appreciate the service you provide to us and our clients.  Thank you.”

– Phil B., Florida Conference Association of Seventh-Day Adventist, 2018

“I enjoy doing business with AGED. I feel that you are one of the companies that is very helpful to guardians and allows my job to be easier.

– Heather H., Guardian, 2016

We are so happy with our AGED Trusts. It has enabled us to get the medicines and care that we need. We are thankful for AGED and know that they work hard for us.”

– Gail C., AGED Client, 2016

“When I found AGED, my medical expenses were high, and my house was in foreclosure. I average going to the hospital three times a year, and I no longer worry about the expense because of the benefits they helped me obtain. If it wasn’t for AGED, I wouldn’t be in my house anymore. I don’t know where I would be now. Their trust changed my life. I tell everyone I can that AGED is a wonderful company.”

– Jill S., AGED Client, 2016

“With everything we’ve had to go through with mom, AGED has been the one place we have never been unhappy with. AGED excels in customer service in a time when customer service has gone by the wayside.

– Timothy F., Advocate of AGED Client, 2016

“The Pooled Trust with AGED has had a life changing improvement for many of my clients with high medical expenses. For some clients the savings between the medications and provider co-pays is over $7,000 per year, when they qualify for Medicaid. Some households with modest incomes go from a negative cash flow, and rising credit card debt, to financial security and peace of mind. I am so thankful to everyone at AGED for greatly improving the quality of life for so many seniors in need.”

– Joe S., Insurance Benefits Consultant, 2015

“I first tried AGED’s Trust when I had a lovely woman who was in a very large private room at a popular facility.  After planning for future years, I determined she would be running out of money at the $7,000 rate the facility was charging.  The benefit of using AGED was outstanding!  She could remain in a private room; continue to have caregivers at the facility and in the hospital and the rate dropped from $7,000 to $1200 a month.  What could be better?!

– Jane P., Professional Guardian, 2015

AGED has been instrumental in my success as a new guardian.  When I started my guardianship career almost 4 years ago, my first several clients were indigent. The AGED Benevolent Trust is a resource that was available to me as a guardian to allow a portion of my guardianship fees to be paid enabling me to accept these indigent cases and still be able to help support my family financially.  I am forever grateful to AGED and the resources they provide to help our community.

– Amanda R., Professional Guardian, 2015

I am one of AGED’s biggest fans!  I invite AGED to present at my Professional Guardian Training so others can learn about the advantages of using a Special Needs Trust.  I encourage new professional guardians to take pro bono cases and work with AGED and get paid from their benevolent program.  One of my students just took nine pro bono cases and is working with AGED.  Now she has some referrals coming in by taking those nine cases.”

– Jane P., Professional Guardian, 2015

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FL Public Guardianship Trust

AGED is the Administrative Trustee for the Florida Public Guardianship Pooled Special Needs Trust.

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Community & Hospital Guardianship Program

CHG Program

AGED's Community & Hospital Guardianship (CHG) program gets patients "unstuck" from a hospital or facility.

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Florida Adaptive Sports

A program of AGED, Florida Adaptive Sports is a social sports club that helps keep disabled Floridians of all ages healthy for life by providing an outlet for friendship and activity.

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Guardian Peer Support & Mentor Group

The Guardian Peer Support & Mentor Group is a place for Florida’s Professional and Public Guardians, their staff, and retired Guardians to come together to share resources, discuss challenges, and uncover creative solutions to difficult issues in an effort to support one another in a challenging and unique profession.

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