Big Increase in Personal Needs Allowance for ICP Medicaid Clients – AGED Newsletter July, 2014

Recently DCF released a new SSI-Related Programs Financial Eligibility Standards Chart for July, 2014. This chart outlines the income and asset limits for various Social Security and Medicaid Programs.

While this chart is released four times a year, generally changes made to the program limits are slight. However, this time around there was a big change with the Personal Needs Allowance (PNA) limit for people on the Institutional Care Policy (ICP), which covers Nursing Homes.

Individuals on ICP are now allowed to keep $105 / month in PNA. The limit for couples has also increased, up to $210 / month. Previously these figures were $35 / month for individuals, and $70 / month for couples.
This means that patient responsibility amounts will go down. If AGED is paying your nursing home bill on a recurring basis, please send us a new disbursement form with the new amount due to the nursing home so we can change the payment amount.

For people on ICP, their patient responsibility for the nursing home is their income minus the PNA, so this change is significant for those individuals, who use this money for any additional items not covered by the nursing home.

New SSI Eligibility Chart

If you would like a copy of the updated SSI Financial Eligibility Chart that was updated for July, 2014, you may download a copy from DCF’s site, at:

The chart changes several times a year, so you may wish to download the current version for your records. However, the web address for the chart doesn’t change, even when new charts are released. You may wish to bookmark the address so that you always have access to the most current chart.

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